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State Insurance Solutions

2315 Roosevelt Drive, Suite D
Arlington, TX 76016

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Insurance Matters... So Should Your Insurance Agent
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Insurance doesn't have to be complicated, email Dee with your questions
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Insurance rates that can make you smile

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 Stateline Insurance Solutions  because

Insurance Matters And So Does Your Insurance Agent!






An independent insurance agent is better choice when choosing an agent!

For multiple companies and multiple solutions for All lines Personal & Commercial Insurance. Independent Insurance Agents can truly assist you with All your insurance needs since we are never tied to just one company.  We search all of our resources making sure you get the coverages you need/want with a price that can fit in your budget.   

There are several ways to buy insurance and you may not realize the benefits an independent agent can provide. For example, independent agents represent on average eight different insurance carriers and research these firms to find you the best combination of price, coverage, and service.

Customer's happiness is the key to an independent agent's livelihood.  Serving you is your independent agent's most important job! They gives you excellent service and competitive prices, because agents can access the insurance coverage from multiple companies.
Independent Agents assists you when you have a claim and throughout the claim process; They are your agent/consultant:  working with you to help explain the different types of insurance and determining your unique needs to make sure you understand your insurance/policy.
Independent Agents offer you a choice of insurance plans and programs and companies;  they are able to offer you options since they are not tied down to just one company. Offers one-stop shopping for a full range of products, such as home, renters, auto, and business insurance as well as life and health insurance. 


Dee Faith Gonzales                                             

Dee Faith Gonzales-Owner of Stateline Insurance Solutions

 Licensed in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada


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