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State Insurance Solutions

2315 Roosevelt Drive, Suite D
Arlington, TX 76016

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Stateline Insurance Solutions is an Independent Insurance Agency in four states, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.   Which means we are not tied down to just one company.  We have multiple companies for every-line of insurance; Personal and Commercial.  We offer choices and multiple Solutions for All Your Insurance Needs.   You will always get straight answers from our agency, you may not always like the answers but you will know they are honest answers.  We value our agency's integrity!!  Our customer service options and technology far exceed any agency in the area.

Meet some of our associates:
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Dee Faith Gonzales
-Owner of Stateline Insurance Solutions.  Dee started in insurance career in 1998 with Allstate.  She sold her Allstate Agency in 2006 to start her independent insurance agency Stateline Insurance Solutions.  Married to Rich Gonzales with 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters.  Hobbies include working out, health/fitness,  sports/games, dancing, comedy shows and country concerts.

Richrich n girlsrich n dee halloweenrich n dee
Rich Gonzales-
Executive Officer of Stateline Insurance Solutions.  Rich is retired law enforcement.  Rich is married to Dee Faith Gonzales with 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters and more on the way.   After retiring from law enforcement his wife Dee said he had to start getting involved in the insurance agency, so now he is in the insurance industry.  lol Rich's hobbies include Dallas Cowboys, sports/games, country dancing, comedy/country concerts.

Sasha Varela, sales associate out of Arizona

Bianca Garcia, sales associate out of Texas/New Mexico

Louie Hernandez,  commercial sales associate out of Nevada

Sabino Valdez, commercial sales associate out of El Paso Tx