Will Your Boat Insurance Cover the Cost of Towing and Repairs?

Texans are known for our love of lakes and spending as much time as possible out on the water, but does insurance policy provide the coverage that you need? State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX can help you find the policy that provides the right coverage for you and your boat.

Comprehensive Boat Insurance is the Way to Go!

Many owners opt to have the minimum amount of boat insurance possible, which can leave them open to unnecessary stress and confusion. If you own a boat, we recommend comprehensive coverage that protects both your watercraft and yourself. A policy that includes coverage for towing and repair costs can help you to overcome a potentially expensive and stressful situation.

Imagine that your boat malfunctions and you are stuck in the middle of a lake. Now consider the out-of-pocket expense for the towing and repair services. With a comprehensive policy, you will know that your insurance company will be with you every step of the way. Working with a full-service agency offers the advantage of having an ally in your corner in the event that something goes wrong. A comprehensive policy will cover theft and damage to your boat, as well as liability.

Are You Concerned that Your Boat Insurance Coverage May Be Inadequate?

Having the right boat insurance policy in place can provide you with increased peace of mind when you are out on the water. If you are interested in learning more about the options that are available to you, it’s time to meet with one of our professional agents. We can walk you through your options when it comes to protecting your boat in the greater Arlington, TX area, call or stop by State Insurance Solutions today to learn more!

What is the Difference Between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance?

When considering life insurance, one of the factors, which comes up right away, is the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance. To fully understand how the right kind of life insurance can give you peace of mind, it is good to have a discussion about the details with your insurance agent at State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas. Here are some of the basics that help in understanding the differences.

Investment Qualities

Term life insurance is for a specific period, such as five or ten years. Whole life insurance is generally designed to be held for the entire life of the person being insured. Whole life insurance has some investment qualities such as building cash value over time, which can be borrowed against or used to pay premiums in the policy’s later years. Moreover, when enough insurance premiums have been paid, a whole life policy may achieve a “paid up” status. This means no further premiums need to be paid for the policy to pay out its full value to the beneficiaries upon a person’s death.

Timely Needs

Depending on a person’s life path, term life insurance may be a good choice. For example, if a parent wants to provide life insurance protection for their children only until they reach a certain age, term life insurance may be a good choice. Term life insurance can provide coverage for this date-certain period. It can be set up to expire when the expectation is that there will be less need to provide financial support for the children at some point in the future.

Other Life Insurance Solutions

There are other forms of life insurance to consider that have a mixture of characteristics, including universal life, variable life, equity indexed life, and more. Each type of policy is designed specifically to address certain requirements and goals. This is why it is so important to talk with your insurance agent at State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX to find the life insurance solutions that provide adequate coverage for your needs. Schedule an appoint for an insurance review with your agent or call for a quote.

What are the advantages of commercial property insurance?

State Insurance Solutions knows running a business gets complicated, especially when you’re starting out and handling it all alone. Let us make it easier by explaining one vital need whether you’re located in Arlington, TX or Kalamazoo, MI – commercial property insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance Explained

Commercial property policies cover the business – structure and/or its business property contents. You can add extras to your policy, referred to as "additional coverage," that cover specific items. A basic commercial property policy insures the building that houses your business if you own it. If you lease or rent it from another person or entity, the structural coverage occurs under their policy. If you rent your office space, you still need a policy to cover what the insurance industry refers to as business personal property (BPP).

What Commercial Property Insurance Covers

The structural aspects of these policies protect from damage or loss to the exterior, interior or whole of the structure. That means if a tornado blows through Arlington TX and tears off part of your building’s roof, your insurance policy covers the damage. Similarly, if a kitchen fire in your break room damages the countertops and built-in cabinets, this type of policy covers the damage. It also covers the central heat and air systems, boilers and furnaces. The BPP portion provides protection for carpets, office equipment, office furniture, refrigerators, and safety equipment such as fire extinguishers. It doesn’t cover your employees’ personal effects or items unless you add that extra to your policy.

Commercial Property Insurance Extras

It’s the little extras that make anything truly special. You can tweak your basic commercial property policy to make it unique to you and your business. You can include additional coverage to protect against:

  • construction cost increases,
  • electronic data and files,
  • fire department service charges,
  • pollutant cleanup costs,
  • removal of debris.

For other items, include a "coverage extension" to the structural or BPP aspects. You can extend coverage to newly acquired equipment or furnishings, structures under construction, employees’ and visitors’ personal effects and personal property, property, including store stock, stored off site or outdoors, detached trailers not owned by your firm, valuable business documents, and records.

Visit State Insurance Solutions to learn more about the ins and outs of commercial property insurance. You can protect every aspect of your business. We can help.

Life Insurance Coverage for Different Stages of Life

As life progresses the need for life insurance changes. It is important to have an insurance review with the help of your agent at State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX to adjust insurance coverage for new needs. Some of the common reasons for needing adjustment to life insurance include moving out of a parent’s home, getting married or divorced, relocating, joining the military, having a baby or adopting a child, and starting retirement.

Living on Your Own

When a young adult moves out of their parent’s home to start their independent life, this is a great time to also start investing in life insurance. When a young person invests in whole life insurance, it builds cash value over time. The monthly investment is very modest at a young age and this creates a good habit of saving for the future that comes in handy in later years.

Marriage or Divorce

Getting married or getting divorced creates a different need for beneficiaries for a life insurance policy. Even in the sad case of getting divorced, it may be desirable to make any children of the marriage beneficiaries of the life insurance proceeds in order to protect them.


Relocation triggers the need for a life insurance review if the new location is more dangerous than the old one.

Joining the Military

There are death benefits paid to survivors for those in military service who lost their lives while on active duty. This is a consideration for adjusting life insurance needs when someone joins the military.

Having a Baby or Adoption

This is one of the most important reasons to increase life insurance coverage. As a responsible parent, you will want your child to be well taken care of if something happens to you.


Reaching retirement age is a time for celebration. There may be less pressure to maintain life insurance at high levels for you if the next generation has their own coverage in place. You may wish to shift your investment to help the younger generation with their life insurance policy.

Contact your agent today at State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX to update life insurance based on any of these or other life changes.

Renewing Your Auto Insurance Policy? Avoid These Mistakes

Working with a trustworthy insurance agency is key to getting good auto insurance coverage at reasonable costs. At State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX, we can help you avoid costly mistakes in purchasing auto insurance that can increase your premium unnecessarily. What are some of the most common mistakes people make when renewing their auto insurance policy?

Not Re-evaluating Their Needs

When renewing car insurance, it’s important to re-evaluate your needs as circumstances may have changed from when you purchased your original policy. If you upgraded your vehicle or use it more often, you may need more coverage to protect you against accidents. Consider the value and use of your vehicle, your driving habits and your budget when renewing your policy to determine the coverage you need.

Not Shopping Around

Auto insurers vary in coverage options and costs. If you don’t shop around, you may get stuck with mediocre coverage from a mediocre company. Research your options, compare insurance packages and costs and look for a company you can trust.

Getting Insufficient Coverage

Insufficient auto liability coverage could leave you liable for paying high medical bills or property damage to others in an accident you cause. Without collision coverage, you’ll also foot the bill for repairs to your car. Unless you’re financially capable of handling these expenses, it’s best to obtain insurance coverage that offers protection for both.

Raising Deductible Too High

You may be tempted to raise your deductible to lower insurance costs. If you choose a deductible that’s higher than what you can reasonably afford to pay for injuries or car repairs in the event of an accident, you’ll suffer financial loss as you’ll have to pay more out of pocket to cover accident costs.

For help selecting the right car insurance package at the right cost, contact us at State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX.

Talking to Your Arlington, TX Agent About Commercial Insurance

If you’re operating a business in the Arlington, TX area, you probably need commercial insurance. That way you can protect your business financially, and you can also protect your employees and customers if they are injured while on your property. Not every business will need the same kind of insurance solution, though, so you want to make sure you’re getting what works for your business and situation. By working with an agent at State Insurance Solutions, you can get the information you need to make the right decision about your commercial insurance policy.

For a small, home-based business without customers coming to the door, for example, a commercial policy may not even be necessary. Additionally, an office and a factory will have very different insurance needs. Two offices may also have unique needs, depending on whether they have customers that come onto the premises and what types of services they perform. Retail establishments may need higher liability levels to protect against damaged and broken items. There’s so much to consider with a commercial insurance policy, so working with the right agent is definitely the way to reduce problems and add the right layer of protection.

By reaching out to State Insurance Solutions for your Arlington, TX business needs, you’ll be able to work with a knowledgeable agent who can give you the information you want and need about policy options. Then they can work with you to choose the policy that is going to be right for your business. You should periodically review the coverage with your agent and make adjustments as your needs change, as well. Then you can be sure to have what you need in the way of a good policy that will protect your commercial investment and give you peace of mind.

What Does Your Basic Home Insurance Policy Cover?

Home insurance is something that any homeowner needs to have in place even if they own their home with no mortgage against it. The key is knowing just what your basic policy covers so that you can be sure you are fully protected from anything that may happen. For those in the Arlington, TX area, the agents with State Insurance Solutions can help you create your perfect policy.

So what does a basic policy cover? For starters, it covers damages to the home that are the result of things like unintentional fire, storm damage, ice and snow damage, water damage from burst pipes, theft of property, damage to a property that happens during a break in and more. This type of policy does not cover things that are out of the ordinary for the majority of homeowners like a flood, volcanos, hurricanes, and more.

Your basic policy is going to cover the basics and is going to keep your home and property within the home safe in the event that you have to replace or repair items in the home or the home itself. Your coverage is determined by how expensive your home is, how much you ensure the contents for, and if you add any extra or supplementary policies to help cover things like a flood which may be common in your area but not in others. It is best to take the time to speak with an insurance agent to see just what types of coverage you may need and how much you should cover your home for.

For those in the Arlington, TX area, the agents with State Insurance Solutions can help you find the policy that works for you and that is going to keep you protected no matter wha

If I lend my car to a friend, am I responsible if my friend has an accident?

If you drive a vehicle in Arlington, TX, you may have had a reason to borrow a friend or relative’s vehicle or to lend your own vehicle to someone else. Nobody thinks about the possibility of being in an accident, but unfortunately, it is something that often happens without warning.

You probably feel secure if you have a policy through State Insurance Solutions, knowing that you will be covered. But if the driver isn’t the owner of the vehicle, who is ultimately responsible for the accident?

The answer doesn’t turn out to be completely clear cut. A motor vehicle insurance policy is taken out by an individual on a specific vehicle, and if that vehicle is in a crash the insurance policy will go into effect to help pay for that accident.

But the driver has some responsibility too. In Texas, drivers are considered responsible for any crashes they cause. If you are involved in an accident in someone else’s vehicle and found to be at fault, you are liable for any resulting damages, including medical bills or auto repair.

If the amount of damages exceeds the policy limits for the accident, the injured party may end up pursuing both the driver and the owner of the vehicle for compensation. Clearly, it would be wise to be careful who you lend your vehicle to, even if you have a strong insurance policy.

If you are interested in obtaining an automobile insurance policy in Arlington, TX or if you just have any questions, please feel free to contact State Insurance Solutions for a free consultation today.

Do I Need Boat Insurance In Arlington, TX

For most people, buying a personal watercraft such as a boat may be one of the most costly expenses they will ever make after purchasing an automobile or a home. Yet, many of these people don’t consider insurance for their watercraft or boat to be anything until the need to file a claim becomes necessary. Though there is no rule, regulation or law that requires anyone to purchase insurance for their personal watercraft in Arlington, TX, it is, however, not a bad idea to consider purchasing an insurance policy to protect you and your investment.

Why consider boat insurance?

Despite being one of your most valuable assets, your boat can also be one of the most vulnerable assets. As a matter of fact, it can be involved in catastrophic accidents and can even be lost to a lawsuit, windstorm or fire. To this end, having the right coverage in Arlington TX would be helpful to repair the boat to use again or even replace it entirely.

Protect your own assets

Insurance is a legal promise signifying that you will be paid or compensated by your insurance company for the losses that may occur during the policy period. As a boat owner, you may need to buy insurance that will cover your boat for a while which could last up to a boating season or even for a year. To this end, it is important to understand what is and what isn’t covered before making any purchase.

State Insurance Solutions can help you understand and identify the right type of coverage you need for your boat. Remember, that you can’t store premiums with insurance since it is not a bank. So, endeavor to understand the legal contract you are getting involved with before you sign it.

For further inquiries, questions or advice, ensure to contact State Insurance Solutions.

Instances When Umbrella Insurance Is Right For You

Arlington, TX residents are often confused about umbrella insurance and whether they need it. That’s why we at State Insurance Solutions are providing this simple-to-understand guide to when you might want to add it to your policy.

The Nature Of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a type of liability coverage that extends what your company pays. For example, if you get in a car accident that causes a serious problem and your liability coverage cannot pay for it, umbrella insurance will help to pay for the extra cost.

When You Might Want It

There are several instances in which umbrella insurance is a great choice. While umbrella insurance isn’t a great choice for everyone, there are several types of people who might want it, including:

  • People who travel abroad regularly
  • Those who own a significant amount of property
  • Anyone who owns dangerous items, such as trampolines, pools, or even large dogs
  • Participants in sporting events, such as coaches
  • Volunteers in a variety of situations
  • Hunters, fishers, surfers, or skiers who participate in dangerous events

These people often benefit from umbrella insurance because it provides a more comprehensive rate that helps to avoid serious liability issues. For example, people who travel abroad may get sued if they end up causing a serious car accident in another country.

While your normal liability insurance won’t cover these lawsuit costs, umbrella insurance will help keep you from losing too much money. And sports coaches often need this kind of coverage because parents get angry at them when their children get injured and try to sue them.

Deciding On Umbrella Insurance

If you think that umbrella insurance is right for you and you live in Arlington, TX, give us a call at State Insurance Solutions. Our experts will make sure you get a policy that is right for you.