Why auto insurance protects your family

State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX understands Texas values, American values:  Apple pie, Family, and a great car adventure.

One of the great things about living in Texas is piling the family and friends in the car and going to experience some of the best of Texas : the Texas State Fair, the cowboy life at Sugar and Spice Guest Ranch, and great and unique cities like Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, the National Seashore at South Padre Island and all that Texas can offer, in family fun.

You crave that family fun. So why shouldn’t you want the best auto insurance can provide to protect your family?

Good auto insurance for your family sometimes involves looking at what is best for your situation. You aren’t just protecting small bodies from injury or the cataclysm of an accident that involves intensive medical bills, you are protecting your families assets from the possible financial damages result of an accident.

According to Kelly Blue Book, the best way to protect your family is to not to be underinsured.

Avoid being an underinsured family motorist:

Go beyond the state minimum for bodily liability

Get auto insurance coverage for property damage

Protect yourself against uninsured and underinsured drivers

Check health insurance before choosing medical expenses coverage

Don’t be sideswiped by going without collision coverage

Be smart with your comprehensive coverage

Get enough coverage to protect your assets

At State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX, they understand how much Texans love their families and love to drive off into the sunrise and sunset to have fun, but they also understand what you need to protect your precious family, and they are just a short drive (Texas style) away and ready to help.

3 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Taking care of your motorcycle isn’t just smart for your vehicle, it’s smart for your personal safety as well. It helps your motorcycle stay on the road longer so that you can enjoy the fresh air and the wind in your hair for many years to come. State Insurance Solutions wants the people of Arlington, TX to follow these tips for a happier drive.

Wear Your Gear

Enforcing helmets, long pants, knee pads and protective footwear isn’t always what you want to think about when it comes to riding your bike. It’s not exactly the coolest image to have when you bring out the helmets and the face protectors. You’d probably much rather think about the feeling of gliding from place to place on your bike. But protective gear can also be the only thing that stands between 3 weeks of recovery and 10, so make sure you suit up.

Wake Up

From tailgating to speeding to taking a curve just a little too fast, there are certain things we all do on the road that probably need to stop. For an easier ride, make sure you’re paying attention not just to your own habits on the road, but to others as well. The more the people of Arlington, TX can be alert to what’s happening around them, the safer everyone on the road will be.

Get Better Insurance

Motorcycle insurance can protect your motorcycle from all of the events that are outside of your control. Fancy alarm systems and safer parking strategies can help, but nothing can prevent a major storm or particularly motivated thief. If you’re interested in additional coverage, contact State Insurance Solutions for more information or to ask for a quote. Our friendly staff is waiting to help you learn more about motorcycle insurance!

How is my RV policy different from my auto insurance policy?

Because of the mild weather and many RV parks, many people in Arlington, TX enjoy the use of an RV. It is important to know, though, how insurance protects you when you are using your RV.

Unlike the auto insurance policy you may have through State Insurance Solutions, an RV insurance policy may not be required by law. If you are driving a towable RV, you can have your RV covered under your auto policy. If your RV breaks loose and damages someone else’s property, you will be covered. Talk to your agent, though, and make sure you have enough coverage.

You will need an RV policy if it is driveable, if you are renting it, or if you have a loan out. Your lender will demand your RV be insured to protect the collateral on the loan. You can also get different insurance based on how often you use your RV. If you live in it, you can get full-timers insurance; if you live in it part-time you may be able to get campsite-liability insurance. You may be able to suspend your policy if you put your RV into storage for an extended period of time.

RV insurance is also different because you will probably need a higher liability threshold. This is because your RV usually costs more, and has more personal belongings in it if you live there. Your liability limit may also be higher because your RV is so large that it could potentially cause much more damage than a small personal vehicle. 

If you have any questions about how much coverage you need to protect your RV in Arlington, TX, call our agents at  State Insurance Solutions and we can help you compare RV policies. 

What Is Covered With A Toy Insurance

Though it is known as toy insurance, this insurance niche is specially tailored for adults. This type of insurance is very important for individuals who own motorcycles, various types of boats, RV’s, and ATV’s. Other types of specialty vehicles and crafts also come under the ambit of toy insurance.

With Arlington, TX having such fine weather for outdoor activities with these specialty vehicles, it is imperative that owners get toy insurance.

Fact is, one can easily get into a bit of trouble through accidents. This can cause bodily harm and damage to property.

So, it is logical to have comprehensive toy insurance from firms like State Insurance Solutions, Arlington, TX.

Read on to know what is covered by toy insurance. You would appreciate why getting it is the smart move for you today or when you decide to buy your own ‘toy’.

1. Personal bodily injury

This coverage targets injuries sustained while using your recreational vehicle. Some of these injuries can be very grievous depending on what your vehicle is and how it was used.

2. Medical payments

In case of accidents involving other people, this coverage covers your medical bills and the cost of treatment for other parties involved in the accident

3. Damage to property.

Any good toy insurance should be able to assist the policyholder offset the cost of paying for damages to properties while using the vehicle. This covers damage to a private and public property like buildings, other vehicles, telephone poles, lamp poles etc.

4. Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive toy insurance covers loss or damage resulting from:

  • Theft
  • Damage caused by fire
  • Damaged caused by natural disasters
  • Vandalism
  • Falling objects
  • Etc.

These are just some of the cover you get when you buy toy insurance. There are reputable insurance firms in Arlington, TX, providing this service. For good measure, customized toy insurance is available for every peculiar situation.

If you want to know more about insurance for your specialty/recreational vehicles, contact State Insurance Solutions to get all the answers to your queries at any time convenient for you.


Boat Insurance Add Ons to Consider

There’s nothing like spending time out on the water with your favorite boat. It is everything from relaxing to exciting. As such a large purchase, you want to make sure and protect it from any kind of harm. This is why investing in the right boat insurance and accompanying add on’s is a must. At State Insurance Solutions, we are here to assist you, whether you live in Arlington, TX or the surrounding communities. Here are just some of the boat insurance add on’s to consider. 

Transportation Insurance

It is always best to check your boat insurance to see if it is covered while in transit. You’re more likely to be involved in an accident while on the road than in the water. Due to this, protect your boat while on the road with these kinds of insurance add ons. 

Fishing Equipment Coverage

Do you use your boat to fish? Perhaps you use it as part of your business or you’ve simply invested heavily in outfitting the rig with additional fishing hardware. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to protect the fishing equipment you have purchased, which is where this form of coverage comes in. 

On Water Towing

Unless you own a row boat, if you’re out on the water and your vessel breaks down, you’re going to need a tow. Towing a boat isn’t always cheap, which is why on-water towing insurance is a valuable addition to your coverage. 

Whether you own a speed boat, a pontoon or anything else in between, you need to make sure your boat is properly covered with the right insurance package. At State Insurance Solutions, we’re here to assist you in finding the right coverage to ensure you’re always protected, no matter where you go or how often you’re on the water. 

Umbrella Insurance for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to think beyond basic liability policies to fully protect their business assets. Commercial auto, real estate, and life insurance policies guarantee a portion of your investment against loss or damage. But what happens when repairing or replacing your critical equipment costs more than your insurance payout?

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance policies cover costs that other policies don’t. Imagine you own a successful shop in Arlington, TX. A large storm comes through. Your building, vehicles, and inventory are completely ruined. After filing your claims, you realize the amount the insurance company sends you doesn’t cover the cost of cleaning, repairing, and restocking your business.

That’s when your umbrella policy goes to work. Once the limits of your other policies are reached, umbrella insurance kicks in to fill in the gaps. These types of policies are often called excess liability contracts.

Umbrella policies also help pay for legal costs associated with cases of libel and slander. If you are found liable for damage to the reputation of another business or person, your policy can help you make court-ordered payments.

The insurance professionals at State Insurance Solutions can customize an insurance package for your business that includes an umbrella policy.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Need Umbrella Insurance?

Regardless of the type of business you operate, your livelihood depends on having access to your equipment or property. Theft, natural disaster, and accidents can cause catastrophic loss and threaten your ability to rebuild. An umbrella policy ensures that you have the cash to start again, no matter what happens.

Want to know more about how umbrella insurance can protect your business interests? Contact the experts at State Insurance Solutions. We offer a variety of insurance products for business owners in the Arlington, TX area.

Myths About Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of those things that no one wants to think about, but it’s an important thing to consider. Learn these myths so you aren’t leaving your loved ones in a bad financial situation.

1. You Don’t Need Coverage If You Don’t Have Dependents

Even those that are single should have enough insurance to cover any debt, medical bills and funeral expenses. This will ensure that you don’t leave unpaid expenses for your family.

2. You Only Need Twice Your Salary for Coverage

The amount of insurance is going to differ for everyone depending on needs.  Factors like funeral costs, the ability to pay off the mortgage and money to provide for your family for several years will go into determining what the coverage should be.

3. Life Insurance Coverage at Work Is Enough

For a single person the employer coverage may be enough, but if you have other dependents you may need more coverage than the policy has to make sure everyone is covered.  Even with a work policy, additional coverage can be purchased at State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX.

4. Only the Breadwinner Needs Life Insurance

If one person is a homemaker and they pass, there will be other costs to consider, like cleaning and daycare, so life insurance coverage makes sense to cover those losses.

5. It’s Better to Invest than Buy Life Insurance

You may pass before your investments break even and there will not be enough money to cover the necessary costs for the family with just investments. Once your family goes through current assets, there won’t be any money left over.

There are plenty of things to consider for life insurance and purchasing earlier in life is better. Contact State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX to learn more about your options for life insurance.

The Link Between Your Employees and Commercial Insurance

When you consider your employees, what exactly do you think about them? Do you find them generally trustworthy, or do you find yourself taking steps to safeguard yourself from what they choose to do the job? No matter what the answer is, you may want to consider just how commercial insurance is meant to help you should something go wrong with your employees. State Insurance Solutions wants the people of Arlington, TX to be as prepared as possible.

Employees Make Mistakes 

Whether you work in a dangerous factor with hard hats or in an air-conditioned office, employees make mistakes. What you may not know is that employers typically have to cover any injuries under their commercial insurance with very few exceptions. This means that even if an employee was told how to use a specific piece of equipment but fails to operate it properly, you’re still liable for any injuries they may sustain. 

Employees Can Sue 

Whether it’s because they feel they were wrongfully terminated or because they feel that your chairs didn’t provide enough ergonomic support, employees can sue for any number of reasons. As you might imagine, it can get complicated quickly if you have to get the courts involved. Having the right insurance in Arlington TX ensures you’re not buried under a mountain of paperwork or legal fees. 

The bottom line is that smart hiring can go a long way to avoiding any and all of these potential problems, but no employer is immune from having one of their employees take action against them. If you think you may need better commercial insurance to have a safer chance of defending your livelihood from these potential dangers, it’s time to call State Insurance Solutions today for more information about better coverage. 

Life Insurance Isn’t Only for Families

When people think of life insurance, they generally consider it a wise option for families. However, singles, too, have much to gain from taking out a life insurance policy. Buying a long term life insurance policy from State Insurance Solutions while you are young and healthy can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over time. You’ll also appreciate having that policy once you’re married and start a family of your own.

Here are a few ways life insurance can be of benefit to singles:

Covers Debts upon Your Demise

Bills don’t just magically disappear once you pass on. Life insurance benefits can help cover your mortgage, vehicle loan, student loans, hospital bills and any other debts you may have accrued before your demise. If you have a joint debt or mortgage with a sibling or significant other, naming him or her as your beneficiary will ensure he or she has funds to pay for your portion of the debt or mortgage after you’re gone.

Pays for Child Care

If you’re a single parent, life insurance benefits from State Insurance Solutions, Arlington TX, can help pay for the care of your child(ren) upon your demise. These benefits can used for daily expenses or saved to pay for higher education after your kids have grown.

Support for Loved Ones

If you’re supporting an aging parent or disabled sibling, life insurance benefits can continue to provide for them after you’re gone. You never know when your time will come. A life insurance policy can give you greater peace of mind that loved ones will be taken care of if you unexpectedly pass on.

There’s more to life insurance than you may have thought. To learn more about life insurance options, benefits and costs, contact us at State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX. 

Does the Value of a Motorcycle Affect Your Motorcycle Insurance Quotes?

If you have just purchased a motorcycle or are in the market to buy one, you may have many questions. One of the questions that we at State Insurance Solutions, serving the Arlington, TX area, are often asked is how the value of a motorcycle affects your motorcycle insurance quotes and purchase price. Here is some information you need to know. 

How the Value of the Bike Affects Your Quote Amount

The value of the motorcycle you are purchasing does affect the quote and ultimately the price you pay for the insurance. The more costly the bike, the more costly it will be to replace if it is totaled or stolen. Just like with auto insurance, the more expensive the car, the more costly auto insurance will likely be. Before you buy a specific bike, obtain motorcycle insurance quotes to ensure you can afford insurance on the type of bike you are considering. 

What Other Factors Affect Your Quote Amount

While the price of the bike affects your motorcycle insurance quote, it is not the only factor that affects how much you are quoted. The price and value of any add-on items affects the price you are quoted, as does your driving record, how many miles per year you will be driving the bike and the type of bike that you are buying. A dirt bike or crotch rocket are typically more expensive to insure than regular street legal bikes due to the number of accidents associated with these off-road and speed bikes. 

If you are looking to get a quote for motorcycle insurance in the greater Arlington, TX area, let State Insurance Solutions help. We would love to provide you with a quote for an insurance policy that best meets your needs. Call us today to get started.