Does having an auto security alarm save you on your car insurance in Dallas, TX?

Car insurance is the one thing that most people forget about as time passes by. As long as they do not need to file a claim the policyholder is content with letting the policy renew year after year. It is a good idea to take the time and review what kind of coverage limits you have on the policy and the various types of discounts that your agent gives you on a term basis. One discount that you will want to have in Dallas, Texas is the security alarm feature that can save you money on your auto coverage.

Different Types of Car Alarms

To help you better understand how an alarm system can lower your auto insurance premium it will help to know what kind of alarms are available.

  • The first type of alarm system that you will want to know about is considered to be the passive alarm system. This system comes loaded on most new cars and is activated when the car is shut off and the doors are locked. Your insurance company will allow this type of an alarm to lower your premium.
  • The active car alarm system must be turned on by the owner using a remote or key system. There is usually a sensor located on all access points to the vehicle and when tripped the alarm will go off. This type of an alarm is also used to lower auto insurance premiums.
  • Sensor devices are another type of an alert system. This alarm will activate when a person get too close the car are touches the body in any way. In some cases sound waves have been known to set this alarm off.

If you still have questions about your alarm system and you live in the San Antonio or El Paso, Texas areas, then you can call your independent agent and ask about theft devices. You can have all your questions answered and even find out how much of a discount you get for each type of alarm system.