My Car Needs to be Towed and the Towing Agency is Out of Service for Some Reason. Will my Auto Insurer in Arlington, Texas Provide an Alternate Towing Service?

When you are facing a flat tire or your car has broken down in Arlington, Texas, it is hard to remain focused on the situation. If you discover that the towing agency is out of service, then you might worry about complications. Fortunately, many auto insurers will allow you to use an alternate company to tow your vehicle in an emergency situation.

Read the Policy

Before you can determine whether your specific policy allows alternate services for towing, you need to read through the documents and learn more about your coverage. Each policy is different and sometimes you might not have coverage for an emergency solution when you cannot reach the primary agency. Your insurance should provide details about your coverage and the potential variations that you can face.

Call the Company

If you are not sure about the policy, then the next step is calling the company to find out more details. Call your insurance and explain the situation. Ask if you can get reimbursed after your car is towed or how the situation is handled. It may take a few minutes to work out all of the details, but most companies will allow you to have a different company tow the vehicle as long as it is covered in the policy and a call was made to request a back-up service.

It is hard to determine the exact details of any policy, but many companies will allow you to use a different tow company if the agency is not available during an emergency. To learn more about the different policies or the options you have for additional coverage, call today to talk to an independent agent.