Will My New Mexico or Texas Personal Auto Policy Provide Coverage if I Drive My Vehicle into Mexico?

If you live near Las Cruces, New Mexico or El Paso, Texas, you may be tempted to take a quick day trip to Mexico. However, it’s important to obtain a new insurance policy before you drive to Mexico. While your personal auto policy will cover you in New Mexico and Texas, it will be invalid once you cross the border. In order to follow the laws of Mexico and receive proper protection, you must obtain a Mexican insurance policy.

What is Mexican Car Insurance?

Mexican car insurance is an insurance policy that is offered by a Mexican insurance company. Because the authorities in Mexico are unable to process foreign insurance policies, you must obtain a policy that originates in Mexico in order to be considered insured.

What Type of Coverage Do I Need?

Driving without proper insurance in Mexico can carry serious consequences. If you do not have proper proof of insurance, you may be taken into custody until the authorities can verify proof of insurance. So, it is important to obtain the right coverage before you drive to Mexico.

At minimum, all drivers in Mexico are required to carry liability insurance. This form of insurance will cover the damages in an accident where you are at fault. It is recommended that drivers carry a minimum of $100K in liability insurance. If you are involved in a serious accident, there is a possibility that you could be arrested, even with proper coverage. For proper legal assistance, it is crucial to make sure that your Mexican car auto insurance policy comes with legal coverage that includes any jail bond fees and legal service fees.

Where Can I Purchase Mexican Insurance?

Many agents in El Paso and Las Cruces offer Mexican insurance at extremely high prices. For the best deal, you should purchase Mexican insurance online. If you contact us today, an independent agent can help you figure out the best options on your car insurance coverage.