My son/daughter is going to University/College. Are their possessions covered?

Adult children who are ready to move out of the house and go to college or university will face a variety of new responsibilities. In certain situations, your daughter or son’s personal possessions may still be covered by your home insurance policy, but some college students may discover that your plan no longer applies to their situation.

Renting a Property

When you are looking for ways to save money when your child goes off to university, the first factor you may consider is the cost of living in the dorm. A dorm room has a set price based on a particular semester, which may or may not be slightly higher than the cost of the surrounding homes and apartments.

If your son or daughter moves off-campus, then he or she may not be covered by your home insurance plan. That means he or she will want to consider a renter’s policy.

Dorm Life

Living in the dorms can provides some relief if you are worried about lost or stolen possessions. The reason is that your child may be covered by your policy as long as he or she does not move out of the dorms.

Even if your adult child is living in a different state, the dorms mean that it is a temporary living space and that they are still technically living at home. As a result, any items that are taken to school can be replaced by most home insurance policies. Keep in mind that every plan is different, so you may or may not have coverage for your university student.

Just because your child has gone to university, it does not mean that he or she will face financial complications. Contact us to talk to an agent to learn more about coverage options that may be available.