Home Insurance and Your HOA: What is Covered Exactly?

More and more neighborhoods in the Arlington, TX area are being built with a homeowner’s association included in the design. When shopping for a home or buying home insurance, your agent at State Insurance Solutions reminds you to check on the details and fully understand what you are responsible for and where the communal areas begin.

Sidewalks, Mailboxes, and Porches: Check with the Office

Before you start replacing a damaged mailbox or sidewalk after severe storm damage, take a walk down to the HOA office and check out what items are included in your monthly fees. If they maintain your porch, mailbox, and front walk, then your home insurance will not cover the cost of repairs. If the HOA hires somebody to paint or repair any structure in the neighborhood, it must insure that item.

Streets and Playgrounds: HOA has Your Back

In general, communal entertainment areas and general access to the neighborhood are funded by your fees. Should your child slip and fall on the playground slide, you will need to connect with the HOA insurance company. However, liability for your neighbors’ kids playing in your backyard will be yours.

Your House, Yard, and Shed: Maintain It–Insure It

A good rule of thumb is if you mow it, you are responsible for it. Your home insurance will need to indicate the presence of any exterior building within your property that you along purchase and maintain. Single-home units often require the owner to cover the roof and walls, while duplex situations are more likely to require condo insurance.

For more help in making sure that your Arlington, TX home has the right coverage, sit down with your agent at State Insurance Solutions today. They will help you craft the home insurance policy that protects your property without charging you extra for HOA owned areas and buildings.

What Happens if Your House Becomes Uninhabitable?

There are many disasters that can cause your home to become uninhabitable, from fires to floods and other water damage. Unfortunately, many basic home insurance policies do not provide protection from all events that can cause damage to your home. At State Insurance Solutions we are here to provide our clients in the greater Arlington, TX area with the necessary guidance to choose the home insurance policy that provides the level of comprehensive care that is appropriate for their needs.

An Uninhabitable Home Can be Devastating

We all consider our homes to be a place of safety and happiness, and having a catastrophe take that from us can be devastating. In addition to losing our home or being temporarily displaced, comes the additional stress of repairing or replacing our belongings and finding somewhere else to live. With a comprehensive policy, you can have the option for coverage that includes reimbursement for temporary housing if your home becomes inhabitable. Basic policies typically cover damage to your home but do not protect you from the expense and inconvenience of finding another place to live while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. With the right policy, you can overcome a catastrophe with the least amount of stress and disruption possible for you and your family. Speak to your professional agent today about upgrading your policy to one that provides comprehensive coverage.

Let the team at State Insurance Solutions review your policy and ensure that everything is in place. We want you to have the coverage that you need before a catastrophe occurs and you find that you may not have the necessary protection. If you are in the greater Arlington, TX area call or stop by to meet with one of our agents for a thorough policy review.

Reasons Why Protecting Your Home With Us is a Smart Decision

Your home means a lot to you and your family. It’s the place you eat and rest. It’s also the place where you share laughs. However, a lawsuit or disaster may interfere with the plans you have for your home in the future. Because you have to plan for the future, you need to choose a homeowner’s insurance company you can depend on and who will be with you in the long run, and we can be that company. 

1. We Offer Extensive Coverage

Not all coverage is created equal. You need to have a policy that covers everything that could happen to your home. We offer a variety of insurance options and extras to ensure you get the coverage you need and want.

2. We Offer a Variety of Types

We don’t just cover homes; we also cover condos. We have special insurance policies for vacation and secondary homes. If you rent out a home, we have insurance policies that will cover damage that occurred from the tenants. We cover your residence even if you don’t own it with our renter’s insurance policies.

3. Friendly Staff 

Far too often, the staff who you have to deal with at a company doesn’t help you. You might feel confused about your policy with no one to turn to. However, when you contact any one of our staff members, you’ll get a personalized experience. All of your questions will be addressed by a knowledgeable representative. 

4. Affordable Options

The policies we offer are affordable. The reality is you need insurance, and if you can’t obtain it, you may have legal or financial problems as a result. Our policies range in price, so you can find one that meets your needs and prevents the unwanted consequences of no insurance. 

To open a policy or get a quote, contact us today at State Insurance Solutions, serving Arlington, TX, at 817-459-2590.

A Guide to Home Insurance in Arlington

Arlington, TX has some great homes, and protecting them is just one of the ways that people show they care about what happens to their property. Instead of seeing your premium as just another bill, it’s time to start appreciating how it makes sure your investment doesn’t slip through your fingers. If you don’t know very much about home insurance, though, it’s likely time to give it a little more thought. 

Considerations and Plans: Whatever you do with your home insurance, it’s important to understand it first. This means taking yourself through different events that may occur on your property. If you choose not to buy insurance in case of flooding, for example, you should have a financial plan of what you’re going to do to fix the damage and replace what’s been lost. This is the best advice you’ll get because it forces you to map out what your finances will look like when things are at their worst. Most people can’t handle these types of bills, and therefore need comprehensive coverage in order to keep their property. 

Threats and Time: State Insurance Solutions wants the people of Arlington, TX to keep their heads up no matter what happens to them. Whether it’s vandals or just a very excitable pet, there’s a lot that can happen that causes homeowners to bear financial hardships that they wouldn’t have had to had they had the right home insurance. When you call State Insurance Solutions, you can speak with people who understand the entirety of home insurance. The more personal advice you get, the likelier it is you’ll have someone to call when something does go wrong. For more information about our rates or our services, please give us a call to chat with our staff!

Premiums and Policies: What to Know About Home Insurance in Arlington

Your home insurance premium is how much you pay, and your policy is what lays out the terms of your insurance. Between these two factors, you’re obviously trying to get as much coverage for as low of a premium as possible. When it comes to reconciling your policy with your premium in Arlington, TX, keep  these tips in mind from the helpful people at State Insurance Solutions. 

Understanding Home Insurance Over Time 

Your monthly budget is likely what’s on your mind more than your long-term future savings. Most people need to be able to pay their bills today, after all. But if you’re opting for the cheapest coverage, you may be doing you and your family a major disservice. The truth is that storms and random acts of violence can end up costing you far more over time if you have to fix the damage yourself. Repairs and replacements add up fast, and can quickly exceed the extra money you saved on your monthly premium. 

Better Safe Than Sorry 

These oft-repeated words should still have meaning to everyone, and they certainly still mean a lot to everyone here at State Insurance Solutions. For years, we’ve helped Arlington, TX neighbors save their homes from decay. By offering policies for people that fit their lifestyles, we aim to save people money on everything they don’t want. For instance, if your home is full of IKEA furniture that you don’t mind replacing in the event of damage, we won’t sell you on an expensive policy to cover your belongings. However, we may point out that you have more to protect than you think. Whatever you decide on, get the information and the confidence to feel good about your policy! Call us today for more information!

The Keys to Child Safety at Home

Raising kids is the greatest calling, but no matter how amazing you are as a parent, you can’t keep a watchful eye on them 100 percent of the time. If you want to avoid some of the biggest home dangers for kids in Arlington, TX, take a look at the simple guide compiled from research by State Insurance Solutions.

Hazardous Materials

You know the general list. Cleaning supplies and medication should be locked up and out of reach of the kids. You can add sharp and heavy tools to this list as well. Any childproof cabinets, lock boxes or similar safety measures work equally well for both types of danger. In fact, locking toolboxes can be an excellent place to store some of your cleaning supplies, provided it stays at room temperature and you keep track of the key. Mostly, the rule is simple: if you can get into without a specialized tool (like a key or safety latch), the kids can too.

Choking and Suffocating

Wow. This list looks pretty scary. As sad as it is, these are the leading causes of death for children under the age of five. Fortunately, you can take effective measures to avoid this tragedy. First, and most obvious, is to secure your pool if you have one. If it can’t be secured, drown-proof covers go a long way. Outside of swimming pools, there are still some hazards to manage. Any source of water, from scrub buckets to toilets, should be emptied when not in use or secured when possible. Aside from water, make sure anything small enough to fit in a mouth is never left in the open, and always ensure that your kids are eating the appropriate foods for their age.


If your kids are past infancy, you’ve already made it past the bulk of perils on this list. Unfortunately, falls are a big issue for kids (and even adults). The first step is to keep windows and doors secured. It reduces places where kids can climb and fall. Also, until the kids are big enough, keep the staircases barricaded. If you make sure appliances, furniture and other heavy objects, like TVs, are properly secured, you’ll mitigate the bulk of falling risks.

The final step of preparedness is to know what options you have to get your kids help when they need it. Talk to your State Insurance Solutions agent to make sure they’re protected, and you can live your Arlington, TX, lifestyle with a little more peace of mind.


Do You Need Extra Home Insurance Coverage For Your Arlington Home?

Your Arlington, TX home is probably your biggest asset and investment, so there’s a lot to take into consideration when trying to determine how much home insurance coverage you need. While it might be tempting to buy just enough coverage to keep your residence and possessions protected from loss, theft or damage, in order to avoid major financial harm, some homeowners need extra insurance coverage. The following questions from State Insurance Solutions will help you decide if opting for additional umbrella coverage is the smart choice for you.  

Do You Have More Valuable Personal Property Than You Think?

While you may not think that you own anything of extreme value, you may be underestimating your property’s worth. Opting for standard coverage may not protect your valuables. Collector’s items, electronics, musical equipment, coins, art and jewelry can all carry hefty replacement price tags. If you’re only carrying the minimum amount of homeowners insurance for your belongings, it would be smart to take a personal inventory, or have a professional appraisal of your property to ensure you are completely protected in the event of a loss.  

How Much Personal Liability Coverage Do You Need?

Accidents happen. While nobody expects to be sued for personal liability, what will you do if someone trips on your patio and sustains a serious injury, or if a tree on your property falls on your neighbor’s house? There are a variety of situations where you may be held liable for injury or damage, which can take a toll on your financial security. For example, you may be liable if a guest at a family get-together has a few too many drinks and gets behind the wheel. Having the right amount of insurance coverage can ensure that an incident doesn’t wipe you out financially.

What Other Structures Are On The Property?

Other structures and improvements on your land require coverage, too. If you have built an office or utility structure, or have invested in secure fencing for your Arlington, TX acreage, they can sustain damage which needs to be covered. Even expensive landscaping with mature trees and shrubs should be considered in your policy coverage determination.

At State Insurance Solutions, we’re dedicated to making sure you have a homeowners insurance policy you can rely on in the event of a personal injury or loss, theft, or damage to your property. Call our office today for information about how additional umbrella insurance coverage can keep you protected from major legal bills or financial hardships.  

Avoid Accidents in Your Home

More than anywhere else, accidents occur at home. State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX would like you and your family to avoid accidents that may have dire consequences.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that is odorless and colorless. It is imperative that you keep your home free of it. Purchase a CO detector and know the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning. If you are suddenly experiencing headaches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and shortness of breath, you should get out of the house and dial 911.

Install Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are just as important as CO detectors. Even though a fire is not invisible, like carbon monoxide, it is equally as deadly. Fires can spread quickly and a smoke alarm will detect smoke before a fire even enters the room.

Be Aware of Bathroom Safety

Install guard or handrails in the shower for elderly guests. Provide a non-slip bath mat to prevent accidental falls on wet floors. Mold should also be considered when discussing bathroom safety. It can be hazardous to family members with respiratory conditions, such as asthma or allergies. Towel dry wet areas immediately after you take a shower to reduce the growth of mold.

Electrical Cord Safety

If you’re not careful, electrical cords can be extremely dangerous. Cords should be kept away from the center of the floor. They should run along the baseboards of a room. Extension cords are useful when you need to plug in an item at a great distance, but don’t overload it. Also, make sure that the cords are in good condition. Frayed wires can cause fires even when the item is not in use.

Stop by State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX for more information about avoiding accidents in your home and consult with an independent insurance agent regarding your homeowners insurance policy.

Do You Need Extra Home Insurance Coverage?

A house is a major responsibility, and there’s a lot to consider in Arlington, TX when you’re trying to decide the best type of home insurance. As tempting as it is to buy just enough to keep you reasonably safe, some people need extra coverage to keep themselves from major financial harm. Answer these questions from State Insurance Solutions to find out if you fall into this category. 

What’s In Your House?

Many people think that they don’t really own anything all that expensive, and thus should just opt for the standard coverage. But you may have more in your house than you think. Art, electronics, and jewelry can all run up big price tags, so if you’re only getting the minimum amount for your belongings, you may want to do another assessment. 

Fences, Gates and Plants 

The land can be pretty valuable around your house, and if you’ve just planted expensive trees and shrubs, added a small apartment over your garage or taken the time to redo your fence, then you may want to reconsider your current coverage. 

Liability and Beyond 

No one expects to get involved in a lawsuit, but when your mailman slips in your walkway after a rainstorm, can you really be certain of how they’ll handle their injuries? Or what if someone goes to a party at your house, leaves after they’ve had a few drinks (despite your protests) and then causes a car accident? You may technically be on the hook for this. 

State Insurance Solutions serves Arlington, TX and is here to make sure you get a policy you can actually depend on when things go wrong. Give us a call to find out more about how extra coverage can save you from major bills or legal headaches. 


Pools and Home Insurance Basics

Swimming pools sound like loads of fun, but they can be a bit of a headache too. Homeowners have a responsibility to take out adequate insurance to keep them protected in case of the unexpected. If a homeowner fails to do so, he or she may be in serious financial trouble in the event of a pool-related accident.

Liability Coverage

The biggest risk to homeowners involving pools is the possibility of drowning. No matter what the details are surrounding an accident in the pool, homeowners are considered responsible for the safety of anyone at the home. Accidents are not limited to drowning either since you could be found liable if anyone falls and gets hurt poolside. The liability protection under your home insurance may cover any medical and legal costs associated with a claim against you.

Property Damage

Pools also increase the risk of property damage. Flood damage may occur if water is released onto the property. The pool itself could also sustain damage from events like felled trees. A home insurance policy may reimburse you for the cost to remove the tree and make any repairs to the pool. This coverage may extend to any pool accessories such as filters and pumps. However, some events such as ground movement damage may be excluded from coverage.

Coverage Tips for Pools

A homeowner must get in touch with an insurance company if building a new pool. Rates may be adjusted to provide the right level of additional coverage. You may want to increase liability maximum limits and take out an umbrella policy to cover any out of pocket expenses. Taking protective measures like fencing in the pool can reduce premiums.

The agents at State Insurance Solutions are available to field your questions about home insurance coverage. Contact them today to go over quotes for properties in Arlington, TX and surrounding areas.