What is covered by commercial insurance?

If you are a business owner, you will need to make sure that you take all steps necessary to properly protect your business. One of the best ways to do this today is by having a commercial insurance policy. When a Dallas, TX area business invests in a quality commercial insurance policy, they will receive a number of different types of coverage.

Liability Protection

One of the biggest risks that you face as a business owner is at risk of being sued for liability. When you provide a product or service of any kind, there is always a chance that it could lead to injury or illness. Since this could lead to a big loss for a business, it is important that you find ways to hedge against this risk. One of the best ways to do it is by investing in a full commercial insurance policy as it will provide you with liability protection.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Another advantage to having commercial insurance is that you can receive workers compensation coverage. If you have employees that work for you, it is important that they are cared for if they are hurt while working. When you have a commercial insurance policy, the worker’s compensation portion of it will provide you and your employees with coverage in the event they are injured while working.


If you have a business in the Dallas, TX area, it is important that you speak with State Insurance Solutions first. When you meet with State Insurance Solutions, you can receive advice as to what your insurance options are. The company can then help get you into a commercial insurance policy that provides you with the protection that you need. 

Family Life Insurance And Key Person Life Insurance

State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX, is an independent agency that offers a variety of insurance products.  These products meet the needs of its customers and are an essential part of financial planning. Many people purchase life insurance to pay for funeral expenses, to pay off any liabilities, to fund children’s costs, to replenish the loss of spouse’s income, to settle the ownership of a business and to settle estate taxes.  State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX, is an independent agency that offers a variety of insurance products. 

The basic forms of life insurance offered to the average American is Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life and Term Insurance: 
1.    Whole Life Insurance or permanent life insurance expires on your death and pays out contracted for death benefits.  Permanent life has a savings benefit 
      and thus has a cash value.

2.   Universal Life Insurance offers flexible premiums, which will give the insured the opportunity of increasing the death benefits by over funding the policy.  Thus, the cash value can be built quicker than whole life, which makes investments more attractive because the investments are tax-deferred.

3.   Term Life Insurance can be purchased for a specific term such as twenty years by a young family with small children. Thus, the policyholder is insured only for a fixed period and parents may want to protect their children for only a fixed period, such as finishing college. 

The businesses Key Person owns his or her policy while it is purchased by the employer. The life insurance is used to protect a business as an incentive to attract and retain a key person who is a highly productive executive so this person would remain loyal to the company. Without this integral person, the company could fail.  This enticement is in the form of an executive benefits package, used to fund retirement and the employee has the authority to choose his or her own investments.  Its primary purpose is the death benefit.  

The agents employed by State Insurance Solutions are experts in life insurance products to protect the family and businesses.  Please call and make an appointment!


Good Business Practices Begin Here

For competitive rates, specialized policies, and up-to-date coverage you can depend on contact our agents at State Insurance Solutions.  We have experienced and knowledgeable people with immediate access to multiple national insurance companies who can provide you with the commercial coverage your business property needs. Proudly serving the Arlington, TX communities, we work hard to serve you. The insurance providers we use are well established, nationally known, reliable, and service oriented. Your commercial insurance couldn’t be in better hands. 

Insurance You Can Depend On

Businesses have a broad spectrum of insurance needs and what works for one won’t serve another. This is why we stay well informed on Texas requirements for commercial coverage. It won’t matter what kind of establishment you have, or what services you offer. We help you with:

  • Property Insurance
  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Transportation Liability
  • Construction Liability
  • Contractors Liability
  • Special Event Coverage
  • Alcohol Liability
  • Umbrella Coverage
  • And more

Our Commitment To You

Here at State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX we understand the ins and outs of business and commercial insurance coverage. It might be that you own specialized equipment you want to protect. Maybe you’re worried about the city sidewalk in front of your business. Perhaps you provide sensitive legal or accounting services and worry about client satisfaction. No matter what your business is or what your particular needs might be, we can discuss the many policy options you have available. We’ll go over the services that all the major companies offer and we’ll explain the details that you need help understanding. We can also help you plan ahead for business growth and the challenges which that can bring in coverage for Texas business owners. Contact us today to review your current coverage, consider the future needs of your business, and sign up for excellent coverage you can depend on.


How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

If you are in the market to purchase life insurance, you will need to find out just how much you need to protect your family from financial loss if something should happen to you. The agents at State Insurance Solutions work with residents of Arlington, TX to evaluate their family’s needs and find the right type of life insurance policy that will provide adequate coverage to help them maintain their family’s lifestyle and pay off any outstanding debts.

Maintain Your Family’s Lifestyle

Maintaining your family’s current lifestyle is important. You want to provide them with enough money to maintain their lifestyle for at least two to three years, possibly longer. If your children are grown and living outside of your home, your main goal should be to make sure your spouse is as financially secure as possible. 

Pay Off Your Debts

In addition to maintaining your family’s way of life, you also want to have enough life insurance money to cover any outstanding debts you may owe. Paying off your debts will eliminate most of the stress of trying to maintain a certain type of lifestyle. If the debts are paid off, your family will not have to worry about making any future payments.

If you want to protect your family from financial loss after you pass away, talk to the agents of State Insurance Solutions. They can help the residents of Arlington, TX evaluate their cost of living and fit them with a policy that will meet or exceed those needs if something were to happen to you. Call and schedule an evaluation with one of their agents so you can protect your family!


Do the size of your business determine the type of commercial insurance coverage you should buy in Arlington TX?

A business, just like a baby, takes time to grow and each develops at an unprecedented pace. Matter of fact, a company, can take years to at least break even, and the owner has to seek ways to cut costs continually. Despite the challenges entrepreneurs face in the teething stages, some advantages accrue to owners of small businesses in Arlington, TX.

In most states, small businesses have to take up specific insurance covers. However, Texas offers unique insurance solutions, among which is the exemption of small businesses to have special covers. In spite of this, a company should consult a knowledgeable agent to offer advice since you will need information to purchase the right kind of protection as your business changes.

Furthermore, Texas law requires certain types of commercial insurance for businesses operating within the state. While others are optional, some industries warrant them though they may also be necessary for other situations. Therefore, any costs you incur will depend on not just the size of the business you are running, but also the industry under which it falls. As your company expands, your limits of insurance will also increase.

Getting a reliable insurance company to partner with you in your entrepreneurship can be an uphill task. At State Insurance Solutions, we understand your plight and provide insurance coverages for the business. We go a step further to advice you on the cover most suitable, depending on the size of your business.

As an insurance agency serving Arlington, TX residents, we aim to offer the best for our clients. We make serving our customers a priority and provide excellent customer service. You are welcome to visit State Insurance Solutions and learn more about our services. Run your business without fear by letting us protect your investment.

Using Umbrella Insurance During Estate Planning to Protect Your Assets

Umbrella insurance provides additional auto, legal and home insurance for estate planning. It helps you protect your beneficiaries against lawsuits and losses above your regular insurance policies. Ask your State Insurance Solutions professional what coverage you need to protect your interests in Arlington, TX.

What’s an Umbrella Policy?

An umbrella policy is an additional layer of insurance that kicks in if your homeowners or auto policy limit has reached is exceeded. For example, if your house guest falls or your dog bites the neighbor, the medical and legal costs may exceed your homeowner’s policy. In this case, for covered events, umbrella insurance kicks in. The same goes for legal costs from a judgment against you. However, even if you win a court case, the legal expenses can lead to financial ruin. Luckily, umbrella insurance has you covered.

What’s Covered? 

When you experience a loss, your homeowners or auto insurance is tapped first to pay the claim. If you exhaust your coverage in those policies, your umbrella bridges the gap. Every policy is set up differently, so you have to select the coverage that benefits you the most. However, a typical umbrella policy covers: 

  • injury to others, including house guests or other motorists.
  • property damage, including your vehicles, home and other assets
  • legal cost to defend yourself in a lawsuit
  • any settlements or payments you are ordered to pay

Use umbrella insurance to protect your survivors and assets from these types of losses.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Just about everyone should consider his or her need for an umbrella insurance policy. Consult your representative at State Insurance Solutions today to find out which types of coverage would best suit your family. You can also make an appointment to come in for a free quote.



Will Your Boat Insurance Cover the Cost of Towing and Repairs?

Texans are known for our love of lakes and spending as much time as possible out on the water, but does insurance policy provide the coverage that you need? State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX can help you find the policy that provides the right coverage for you and your boat.

Comprehensive Boat Insurance is the Way to Go!

Many owners opt to have the minimum amount of boat insurance possible, which can leave them open to unnecessary stress and confusion. If you own a boat, we recommend comprehensive coverage that protects both your watercraft and yourself. A policy that includes coverage for towing and repair costs can help you to overcome a potentially expensive and stressful situation.

Imagine that your boat malfunctions and you are stuck in the middle of a lake. Now consider the out-of-pocket expense for the towing and repair services. With a comprehensive policy, you will know that your insurance company will be with you every step of the way. Working with a full-service agency offers the advantage of having an ally in your corner in the event that something goes wrong. A comprehensive policy will cover theft and damage to your boat, as well as liability.

Are You Concerned that Your Boat Insurance Coverage May Be Inadequate?

Having the right boat insurance policy in place can provide you with increased peace of mind when you are out on the water. If you are interested in learning more about the options that are available to you, it’s time to meet with one of our professional agents. We can walk you through your options when it comes to protecting your boat in the greater Arlington, TX area, call or stop by State Insurance Solutions today to learn more!

What is the Difference Between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance?

When considering life insurance, one of the factors, which comes up right away, is the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance. To fully understand how the right kind of life insurance can give you peace of mind, it is good to have a discussion about the details with your insurance agent at State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas. Here are some of the basics that help in understanding the differences.

Investment Qualities

Term life insurance is for a specific period, such as five or ten years. Whole life insurance is generally designed to be held for the entire life of the person being insured. Whole life insurance has some investment qualities such as building cash value over time, which can be borrowed against or used to pay premiums in the policy’s later years. Moreover, when enough insurance premiums have been paid, a whole life policy may achieve a “paid up” status. This means no further premiums need to be paid for the policy to pay out its full value to the beneficiaries upon a person’s death.

Timely Needs

Depending on a person’s life path, term life insurance may be a good choice. For example, if a parent wants to provide life insurance protection for their children only until they reach a certain age, term life insurance may be a good choice. Term life insurance can provide coverage for this date-certain period. It can be set up to expire when the expectation is that there will be less need to provide financial support for the children at some point in the future.

Other Life Insurance Solutions

There are other forms of life insurance to consider that have a mixture of characteristics, including universal life, variable life, equity indexed life, and more. Each type of policy is designed specifically to address certain requirements and goals. This is why it is so important to talk with your insurance agent at State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX to find the life insurance solutions that provide adequate coverage for your needs. Schedule an appoint for an insurance review with your agent or call for a quote.

What are the advantages of commercial property insurance?

State Insurance Solutions knows running a business gets complicated, especially when you’re starting out and handling it all alone. Let us make it easier by explaining one vital need whether you’re located in Arlington, TX or Kalamazoo, MI – commercial property insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance Explained

Commercial property policies cover the business – structure and/or its business property contents. You can add extras to your policy, referred to as "additional coverage," that cover specific items. A basic commercial property policy insures the building that houses your business if you own it. If you lease or rent it from another person or entity, the structural coverage occurs under their policy. If you rent your office space, you still need a policy to cover what the insurance industry refers to as business personal property (BPP).

What Commercial Property Insurance Covers

The structural aspects of these policies protect from damage or loss to the exterior, interior or whole of the structure. That means if a tornado blows through Arlington TX and tears off part of your building’s roof, your insurance policy covers the damage. Similarly, if a kitchen fire in your break room damages the countertops and built-in cabinets, this type of policy covers the damage. It also covers the central heat and air systems, boilers and furnaces. The BPP portion provides protection for carpets, office equipment, office furniture, refrigerators, and safety equipment such as fire extinguishers. It doesn’t cover your employees’ personal effects or items unless you add that extra to your policy.

Commercial Property Insurance Extras

It’s the little extras that make anything truly special. You can tweak your basic commercial property policy to make it unique to you and your business. You can include additional coverage to protect against:

  • construction cost increases,
  • electronic data and files,
  • fire department service charges,
  • pollutant cleanup costs,
  • removal of debris.

For other items, include a "coverage extension" to the structural or BPP aspects. You can extend coverage to newly acquired equipment or furnishings, structures under construction, employees’ and visitors’ personal effects and personal property, property, including store stock, stored off site or outdoors, detached trailers not owned by your firm, valuable business documents, and records.

Visit State Insurance Solutions to learn more about the ins and outs of commercial property insurance. You can protect every aspect of your business. We can help.

Life Insurance Coverage for Different Stages of Life

As life progresses the need for life insurance changes. It is important to have an insurance review with the help of your agent at State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX to adjust insurance coverage for new needs. Some of the common reasons for needing adjustment to life insurance include moving out of a parent’s home, getting married or divorced, relocating, joining the military, having a baby or adopting a child, and starting retirement.

Living on Your Own

When a young adult moves out of their parent’s home to start their independent life, this is a great time to also start investing in life insurance. When a young person invests in whole life insurance, it builds cash value over time. The monthly investment is very modest at a young age and this creates a good habit of saving for the future that comes in handy in later years.

Marriage or Divorce

Getting married or getting divorced creates a different need for beneficiaries for a life insurance policy. Even in the sad case of getting divorced, it may be desirable to make any children of the marriage beneficiaries of the life insurance proceeds in order to protect them.


Relocation triggers the need for a life insurance review if the new location is more dangerous than the old one.

Joining the Military

There are death benefits paid to survivors for those in military service who lost their lives while on active duty. This is a consideration for adjusting life insurance needs when someone joins the military.

Having a Baby or Adoption

This is one of the most important reasons to increase life insurance coverage. As a responsible parent, you will want your child to be well taken care of if something happens to you.


Reaching retirement age is a time for celebration. There may be less pressure to maintain life insurance at high levels for you if the next generation has their own coverage in place. You may wish to shift your investment to help the younger generation with their life insurance policy.

Contact your agent today at State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX to update life insurance based on any of these or other life changes.